OK, you’re probably wondering
“What do two guys from Long Island know about a Taqueria?”.

It all started over 20 years ago when we met working together as managers at a well-known Irish themed restaurant. Ironically, that’s when our love of the Spanish culture around food and sharing began. You see, when you’re working side by side with your kitchen team, you become not only friends but family. Our friends would share family recipes, bring in leftovers, or take turns making lunch. It was a mix of Spanish, Mexican and Central American cooking. And It was delicious!

Our careers took us to different ends of the hospitality spectrum, but we always stayed in touch.

The one thing that didn’t change was the sharing of food and friendship with our crews…our extended family. One day not so long ago, we decided to go for it! Open our own Taqueria. A place for everyone to share in what we have tasted and grown to love. A place where our passion for the business, the hospitality in our hearts, and our love of the food and flavors could be shared every day.

We get it. Our tacos may not be as “authentic” as your Abuela’s! Who can ever really top the Pupusas you grew up eating in El Salvador? This is our version of the food we’ve shared with our friends over the last 20 years and we’re proud of the work that goes into making it fresh every day. Let’s not forget a great Margarita!

We hope you love it.

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